Praise for the History of Oilfield Diving

'A magnificent piece of work ... I have never read anything so precise. I am amazed by the incredible amount of historical detail that is absolutely essential to the reader to understand fifty years of diving history.'

Henri Delauze. Founder and President, Comex SA

'A superb history. Gives a vivid picture of the early decades and of the many great personalities who pioneered the development of diving for offshore oil and gas. This is an invaluable introduction to a unique period of man's development of exposure to raised environmental pressure and the achievement of useful work at low risk and at great depths.'

David Elliott, OBE
Civilian consultant in diving medicine to the Royal Navy

'A massive tour de force, impressive in depth and range of subject.'
Malcom Williams
Former Joint Managing-Director, Wharton Williams Ltd

'An absolutely wonderful work on the history of diving! Amazingly detailed and very accurate.'
Mike Hughes
Former Chairman of the Board, Oceaneering International, Inc.

'Anyone who works—or has ever worked—in the offshore petroleum industry should buy this book. This is history as it happened, not as people think it happened.'
Bev Morgan. Chairman, Kirby Morgan Dive Systems

'Swann has managed to forge the individual—and sometimes contradictory—accounts of those who were there into a surprisingly succinct picture of the half century between the start of commercial oilfield diving and now. From being in the trenches during most of those "interesting" years, I can tell you that The History of Oilfield Diving is a must-read if you want to know who was who and how it all went down.'
Phil Nuytten. (Co-founder, Oceaneering International, Inc.)
Can-Dive Ltd
Founder and President, Nuytco Research Ltd

'A splendid account of the explosive development of the oilfield diving industry. By talking to those who know what happened, Swann has preserved the true story for posterity.'
André Galerne
Founder and former Chairman, International Underwater Contractors
Former President, The Association of Diving Contractors

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